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I am your guide, counselor, spiritual and practical Midwife.

You are invited to experience a midwifery model of care, a path of guidance and counsel towards health, well-being for you and your partner!

This will be a very intimate relationship which grows with the growing womb.

This service is for pregnant parents who are looking for a deeper, more intimate connection with themselves and each other, guided by me, your midwife (licensed over 35 years) of experience. Knowledge is power. Compassion, education, sharing with deep listening, are the basics. Creating a conscious and joyful prenatal and post birth connection with your body, your baby and each other are necessary and life changing in the most powerful way.

I will  be by your side through one of your most transformative times in your life.

…but did you also think about your first 6-9 weeks post birth time? It is a very unique journey for each family. There are many continuous transitions and a highly accelerated, internal and external growth period for all three of you and the rest of the family and of course older siblings.

Imagine what happens just after birth and continues for months and months. How do we prepare for this?

Did you know that post birth care is as important as your pre-natal care and birth experience?

You are bonding as a mother and as a family, to this new little being that needs you. All the while, your body is healing, you are bleeding, you are making colostrum and then to milk, you are going through huge hormonal shifts, while all focus is on your baby’s comfort and nourishment.  Often, learning how to nurse your baby is not easy. You are both learning so much. Also, you may be balancing your attention and Love with other siblings.

The amazing life transition of pregnancy, birth and post birth can often feel sterile, over medicalized and even lonely and scary as a couple and family? … and these days, often a prenatal visit seems to be a 15 minute check list of all that can go wrong? But, what about what is right and wonderful? What about what is happening  in your thoughts and emotions? What about processing this all with someone?

A midwifes Support, will feel more like you are having a human experience rather than just a medical experience, as you transition into your new life.

Where is the celebration of life, Love, health and family? How do we acknowledge and include completely, the father/parent, in this deeply transformative time?

This service is generally for hospital birth plan based families, but also for all families who are wanting more guidance and counsel, with a midwifery based perspective.


What is Midwifery concurrent care?

First, and most importantly, I am here for and about both parents. Again, this is usually for families who choose to be in a hospital setting for their birth and are under the care of a doctor/nurse-midwife, and who may also choose to have a birth doula by their side… for their birth in the hospital. I am not on call for you nor do I join you for your birth day but you will be well prepared!

So? What is the midwifery model of care? Why is it unique and different then the medical model of care?

The Midwifery Model of Care is a holistic perspective. We support the physical, emotional and Spiritual well being of a woman, her partner and her family.

It is about supporting the mother and her partner. Preparing for a simple and natural birth as much as possible, but also preparing for when the birth journey needs to become more complex and more medical.  We also want to prepare our parents for life after birth as individuals, parents, lovers and partners.

Intimacy, affection and sexuality are important and can feel difficult to talk about for couples. We as midwives, are excellent taboo breakers and open conversation towards a deeper understanding of this amazing, tender and intimate time in your life.

Siblings are often included at some of our visits, so that we can also help them integrate with their new life and new family member and new feelings. We may also include your other family members, such as in laws anytime you need. We can listen to baby together, feel the little one from the outside? draw baby on the belly…

Holistic care is prevention 

nourishing and medicinal foods, food based medicinal supplements, homeopathy! and optimal fetal positioning for the simplest and safest way to birth your baby. Exercise that is appropriate for pregnancy and core release. Emotional and spiritual support. Mindfulness and breath for every day and then of course, for your birth. Informed consent about what is ahead and, the many decisions that are in front of you. The what if’s that you may be afraid to think about.

Body therapy for both parents Ortho-Bionomy is about release, alignment within, and structurally. We also always optimize baby and mother alignment.

The power of knowledge, compassion, listening  helps a mother and her partner, stay in alignment towards a healthy pregnancy, birth and post birth time. Your health and state of mind for optimal health are important to me. Pregnancy, birth and the first year after birth, are one of the most transformational, yet vulnerable times for a woman and her partner.

What does your care look like?

  • 6-8  Midwifery based prenatals and birth prep education and guidance in your home or my home Sanctuary. Each visit is about 2.5 hours each. You may also include into your visit at the sanctuary a 50 minute Ortho session. I will also give you many other community resources to tap into for your health and well-being as a family. Doula matches, Acupuncture, Other body therapists, lactation specialists, amazing yoga classes for pre and post, and so many other possibilities in our holistic community.
  • Ortho-bionomy: physical, structural, core awareness of you and your  baby together as a co-experience of birth. We will always work towards optimal baby positioning. This will be taylored to your unique needs.  Your last prenatal 2.5-3 hour intensive should be done close to your due date. The ortho-Bionomy session at this visit is particular and unique to the time before you go into labor.  I will be combine the practical wisdom of midwifery with somatic and structural body intelligence. This combination is a very potent perspective and can bring a simple and powerful approach to your birth journey for you and your partner.We begin with guidance for labor and birth through a midwife’s perspective, and continue the session with a full body Ortho-bionomy treatment. This will help you to  experience being in a state of softness and relaxation for your birth process and also to remind you that you are a perfect vessel for you and your baby’s journey. Through your body, we will track together how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth. Tune in and tune up and re-align for labor preparation and ease, for your birth journey!
  • a support team meeting with those you have selected for your birth time.
  • 6 postpartum appointments within the first few weeks, after you return home, to help with postpartum adjustment and breastfeeding and ortho-Bionomy and or/moxa and cranial sacral for baby ehen ever we feel it is needed. We can also discuss extended post birth care individually as the need arises. (there is an extra fee for extended visits)

* for more details of what your care looks like please see below.

During our pre-birth visits, I get to know you, your body, your partner and family, and your desires and even your fears for this pregnancy and birth and after birth. Your partner also has their own fears and  and hopes and deep shifting! They are very important to me and I have much to share to you both.

You will both each receive at least 2 full 1 hour ortho-bionomy sessions at my Sanctuary. Each family that comes to me, can create and shape their concurrent care plan with me with the standard schedule above.

It is important to clarify, I am not on call, nor will I attend your birth. I am simply your guide and counselor during this incredible journey. I am kind of like your coach.

  • It is however, entirely possible, that if you are having an induction or planned C-section I may be able to share on call with one of my partner midwives and  provide Monitrice/Doula care for an extra fee. We can talk about this in person.

$3200.00 For 6 prenatal visits plus 6 post

$3600.00 for 8 prenatal visits plus 6 post

$4000.00 for 10 prenatal visits plus 6 post

sliding scale offered, income based  -please ask.

Monitrice for Labor and Birth  an additional $1800.00

$400.00  extra – phone communication during the window of your labor and birth time

HSA and Flex accounts may apply

This is also called Midwifery Concurrent Care 

* What we do – each visit is 2-3 hours

  • Baby position
  • vitals BP
  • homeopathy, herbs, supplements
  • Birth preparation, medicinal food and nourishment
  • Education, listening, counseling, guidance, compassion and a place for relatioship to meet .
  • Sibling preparation.  Guidance for extended family.
  • Ortho-bionomy for body release, alignment, calming nervous system, centering, optimal baby positioning after 28 weeks.
  • Pre birth ortho-session for promoting labor with more ease.
  • Building trust and confidence in self and baby.

 Your prenatal and postpartum visits are very important and can prevent complications but most of all,  fine tune and optimize your health and your baby’s health.

You will feel more prepared  for a calmer, simpler and smoother birth and a calmer, smoother family transition. We also always have very interesting conversations and a lot of fun.

Post-Birth Care only

Postpartum would include one visit about 24-48 hours after your birth at home or hospital, another visit about day 3-4 (newborn screening if needed) 7-8 day visit and day, 2nd week at your home,  3rd week visit, 3 and 6 week visits at my home/studio or your home.

The basics

6 visits

2-3 visits the first week

followup appointments week 2, 4, and 6-8

for baby

  • cord care
  •  latching issues and breastfeeding support
  • vital signs (temperature, heart and lungs)
  • weight checks
  • cranial-sacral for baby for trauma, pain, difficulty nurisng
  • watching for jaundice
  • Nurturing the family. Healimg the mother. Birth processing.
  • listening to parents with a tender ear. Nothing is silly. All concerns, questions are invited to each visit. building trust in Self and Baby.

for mother

  • vitals
  • perineal care and lochia assessment
  • incision checks post birth C-section
  • breast-care and milk supply and support
  • homeopathy
  •  nutrition
  •  emotional support and family support
  • mother roasting with Moxa if needed
  • and ortho-bionomy for mother/ father / partner
  • rest and birth processing
  • You will feel more like you are having a human experience rather then just a medical experience as you transition into your new life.
  • Preparing you for the 4th Trimester. Extended care is available when requested)

It would be an honor to give to you and your family, a midwifery holistic perspective through the amazing journey of your pregnancy, birth and post-birth time.

In many other countries and cultures it is well known that women who have just given birth are in a sensitively wide open, sacred and delicate transition and deserve proper time to deeply rest, hibernate and be well taken care of. We midwives, like to call it the 4th trimester. Mother and baby are still connected as one BEING but gently learn to be in two new bodies.

As mama’s body is physically healing, she is also processing her birth, her hormones, the loss of sleep and just only beginning the new experience of lactation. She is learning to breast feed and so is her newborn. It is most often not easy and nipples and emotions can be very, very sore at times. With all of this, there are many new and complex emotions. Most importantly, she is learning about a little new person, who is small in size but immense in mystery and needs. All of this is happening while her relationship with her partner transforms and expands to love another being. She and her partner are learning to become parents. It is important for mama, papa, and baby to have the support they need during this precious time.How can we help the extended  family really help the family?  It is baby Moon time!

Post birth (post-partum) care includes:

One visit about 24 hours after your birth at home or hospital, another visit about day 3 and day 10 at your home, and two more visits in week 3 and 6 at my home/studio or your home.

Each visit is at least 2 and a half  hours long.

Care includes for baby:

  • support and education for what a normal healthy baby looks like and what to watch for
  • cranio-sacral-ortho-bionomy for release of tension or discomfort
  • positive skin to skin tips for a wonderful experience for the both parents
  • latch and suck observation and support for optimal breast-feeding or helping you find the best lactation person for you if the situation is called for
  • regular weight checks, vital signs, heart, lungs, respiration and temperature
  • elimination, peeing & pooping and spitting up
  • newborn screening if needed (Heel prick)
  • babies foot prints for your own personal certificate

For the mother:

  • processing your unique birth story: trauma, grief, can even happen with a smooth and simple birth. The experience of birth can leave you with many complex emotions.
  • breast feeding support, skin to skin, a good latch and good drinking. Prevent or treat,  breast infections, sore nipples or possibly referring you to an IBCLC~Educating on how to breastfeed comfortably, positional comfort,  and keeping mama in bed to rest, enjoy and celebrate this miracle.
  • Help build confidence in both parents ~support both parents
  • check on blood flow and fundal check, perineal care and check sutures healing, if you have them
  • vital signs, blood pressure, pulse, temperature
  • homeopathy
  • medicinal food and supplements for a smooth healing
  • **mother roasting with Moxa for a smooth healing

Fees: $1800-2400.00 (6 visits, 5 of which are at your home) sliding scale

A Ortho-Bionomy Pregnancy and Pre-birth Preparation package -7 hours

for mother and partner – 7 plus hours

for all pregnant mothers, whether you choose hospital birth, birth center or home-birth. We together will move towards ease, alignment and comfort of pregnancy and baby during your pregnancy, and also optimize your labor and birth experience.

Align your body with your baby, make space for growth, learn to resource and learn how to slow down your nervous system, release pain patterns, discomfort, align body, mind and spirit.

$ 800.00 and must be purchased on line – under gifts and packages

7.5 hours

or a handwritten check or cash for 750.00

Three hour intensive pre birth experience and guidance

to be done about 35-39 weeks

For hospital birth parents. This will be a deep and thorough look into how to keep your birth simple. Excellent  for all VBAC mamas and women who have had previous epidurals or 1st baby mamas.This intensive is very unique because I will be combining the practical wisdom of midwifery with somatic and structural body therapy. This combination is a very potent perspective and will bring a simple and powerful approach to your birth journey. This is a 2 hour teaching  and a one hour body therapy session, bringing the mind and body together, and experience your structure and your amazing body intelligence.

Through your body, we will track together how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth. Tune in and tune up for labor preparation and ease your birth journey!

2 hours class plus 1 hour alignment- total 3 plus hours

 Post Birth Therapy for Mother 

Somatic Self

  • Re-entering into your post birth new body
  • Calming and soothing the nervous system, releasing feelings of
  • emptiness, fatigue and depression or feeling wired and unable to sleep or find your calm center. Feelings of panic, restlessness, anxiety and fearful thoughts
  • Having difficulty connecting to your baby and family
  • Release of birth trauma/story for mother and baby
  • Trauma; healing from cesarean surgery or difficult birth journey, for body and tissues but also for emotional body.  Grief, despair, worry, insomnia

Physical Self

  • Sciatica
  • Prolapse of uterus, Prolapse of bladder, incontinence, hemorrhoids
  • surgical wounds and nerve pain and radiating pain, epidural lasting pain
  • Lumbar pain, sacrum and tail bone pain
  • Pelvis and hip re-alignment
  • Shoulder/neck pain and tension from breastfeeding
  • Abdominal muscle strain or separation, weakness

note* all sessions for new mothers require other parent, or family or friend to come with you to hold baby while you have your treatment.


DSCF3082Ortho-bionomy is gentle and deeply healing for newborn babies. The Cranio-sacral techniques of Ortho-bionomy, are similar to traditional cranio-sacral but also unique to Ortho-bionomy.  Ortho-bionomy cranial sacral work is an integration of the same whole body Ortho-bionomy techniques (rooted in Osteopathy) and traditional Cranio-sacral techniques.

OB helps the new born baby, sentient and open in body, spirit and emotion, to process her birth story at her own pace. She can re-center, align and realign her head after molding, integrate her birth experience and be more calmly embodied for her life ahead and, enjoy her new and wonderful  body! Ortho-bionomy is extremely gentle, respectful and nourishing for babies.

I often advise my new mothers that both mother and baby will need an Ortho-bionomy treatment because of the synergetic relationship they have together. Mother and Baby are actually like one being for a while, which continues even beyond the ‘fourth trimester”.  Both often need to find re-balance and alignment after birth. Even when the birth “seems” simple and un-traumatic one of the two passengers could have had a bumpier ride and this will effect the other. Calming one nervous system will calm the other. Ortho-bionomy can provide this for baby.

Ortho-Bionomy for new born Babies!

What does a session look like for baby?

As a midwife, I have been catching and holding babies since 1984.  I am very comfortable with communicating and touching the little people. It is such a pleasure be able to integrate Ortho-Bionomy and craniosacral work with Midwifery! Together, it simply feels natural, tangible and profoundly familiar.

When a baby is brought to me, I will want to know her birth story from the parents. I then start the treatment as soon as she feels safe and connected with me. We may begin with eye contact and a quiet place for us to communicate and for me to respectfully and authentically tap into, literally, baby spirit  time. This may be done on my lap, or in the arms of her mother or on the bed or massage table at my office. At this moment I will have all my presence and gentle attention with baby. We will be communicating silently and I will be listening very carefully to subtle shifts and releases as I track her body and face. I will make assessments about where possible tension and strain is being held in her body.I will let you know, what I am feeling, when I can, even though this is all transitory and shifting.

I will follow with positional and cranial sacral release techniques; The pressure of my touch will be no more than 5 grams (the weight of a nickel) or a soft hug. The range of therapeutic touch for a baby will be from soft hug, to very light to almost energetic. The work is very gentle. Sometimes children release emotions or cry during treatments and this is fine, they may need to tell their story, but the techniques do not hurt infants and children. Most children find the sessions to be deeply relaxing.

During a session I will adapt my technique to the attention span of the infant or child. Infants and children release quickly and have shorter attention spans then than adults. We will have space between releases and you may need to nurse her or hold her, until she is ready for more.

after the session, babies and children will often sleep for a longer stretch than usual….and sometimes they may be restless and have a crying spell after the session, releasing their story. Try to listen with an open ear to what they may be trying to express. This response is fine, but can be upsetting for the parents. Do not worry. The treatment continues to rebalance baby, for up to 4 days. Please feel free to give me updates or ask me questions.

You may notice positive shifts after one session but sometimes there will be no noticeable change until the second treatment. Your baby or child may have a session as often as once weekly, depending on what the issues are. In general 3 sessions is a good number. It is also important that the day of treatment and the day after, your child will have quiet retreat at home to rest and to be able to be physically close to you and her other parent and have your attention. Skin to skin is very healing and nourishing for both parent and baby.

It is always wise for both mother and baby to each have their own Ortho-B sessions because they are so attuned to one another and have been in relationship together since the beginning of conception. I have noticed when mother comes for her Ortho-Bionomy session and both mother and baby are nearby one another, (*a family member holds the baby during this time) as the mother goes into a deep state of relaxation, the baby goes into a deeper sleep also.

Difficult births

I am not sure there is such a thing as an “easy” birth and we should perhaps be careful of saying this to someone. There are many possibilities that can effect both riders along the powerful waves of labor, even with what we think of as a simple and straight-forward and “fast” birth journey. It simply is a miraculous journey, always!  and whether it is fast or a longer journey, mother and baby are feeling it, for weeks or months after.

Imagine birth; the mother’s pelvis and her softening pelvic floor, opening to the tight and spiraling passage of the little one’s head and body, thus, more and more, creating pressure and force of labor?  The baby’s head and body is pressed and squeezed down by the rhythmic and naturally powerful forces of the womb. All along the way, as baby is in the vaginal tunnel she is tightly squeezed while doing a sequence of spirals and turns. Her head molding to the space.

As baby turns and passes through the birth canal, she will be ejected from the warm, watery womb onto and into gravity! and possibly a  harsh, cold, bright lighted world…but hopefully, she will be comforted by going directly onto her mama, skin to skin.

This short journey through the vaginal tunnel, is probably one of the most difficult we ever encounter, but it was what we were designed to do, and there are helpful measures to ease the passage, such as flexibility of the bones of the head, so that baby can mold with the mothers pelvis.  The bones of the head have the ability to overlap, (molding) and most often lift back out, but sometimes the bones wedge into themselves and this can be very uncomfortable for baby…and for the mother, maternal hormones, allow the pelvic tissues, ligaments to give enough to widen the pelvic outlet width. However, problems can still arise from this journey.

Sometimes babies are injured in the birth process. The injuries may be both physical and emotional. Often their central nervous system is upset. Ortho-Bionomy/CST can address these injuries as well as the effects of precipitous (fast) or prolonged labor, vacuum extraction, forceps or cesarean birth or simply a good birth experience.

Issues Ortho-Bionomy / CST can address for Baby and Children

Reasons for Ortho-Bionomy/Craniosacral Therapy – acute

  • Trauma at birth
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Entering and enjoying their body
  • Fussy, hard to soothe babies
  • Babies who seem uncomfortable in their bodies
  • Babies who have digestive or elimination difficulties
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Spitting up
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Difficult latching or Latch problems that contribute to sore nipples for mama
  • Babies who favor turning their heads to one side
  • Babies who favor one breast or position for nursing
  • Babies who seem overly sensitive
  • Babies who hate tummy time
  • Non-sleeping babies
  • Breast-feeding and thriving issues due to pain for baby


  • Spine alignment
  • Hip alignment
  • Teething babies
  • Mobility concerns
  • Sleep issues
  • Middle ear infections
  • Difficult/fast/slow birth
  • Infant colic
  • Reflux
  • Chronic middle ear infections
  • Digestive or sensory motor impairments
  • Headaches
  • Sensory integration problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Chronic pain
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological conditions
  • Post surgery or chemotherapy

When does Baby need a little  Ortho-Bionomy / cranio-sacral Therapy?

How does Ortho-bionomy help Baby (and Children)

  • A Baby who has experienced a long difficult birth, or long periods of separation from mother during post birth or has been through cesarean delivery or a very fast birth and the baby feels very wound up.
  • A baby who is experiencing their parents in stress, grief or trauma from abuse.
  • Fussy and  hard to soothe, she needs a lot of help with calming and nursing
  • Baby who seems uncomfortable and tense in her body
  • Baby not sleeping and feels wired
  • Babies who seem overly sensitive and over reactive to sound or movement
  • Babies who have digestive or elimination difficulties, reflux
, colic
, spitting up
  • ortho-bionomy will help ensure a balanced and nicely formed head and a comfortable body
  • It is never too late to give a child Ortho-Bionomy for birth trauma

Breastfeeding problems

  • Difficulty latching
  • Latch problems that contribute to sore nipples for mamas
  • Baby who favors turning his head to one side
  • Baby who favors one breast or side or position for nursing
  • Breast-feeding, latching and thriving issues due to pain or trauma
  • Baby has a molded or mis-shapen head or face from the passage of birth
  • Baby simply is not thriving and growing optimally

Lastly, ortho-bionomy is wonderful for calming the nervous system and for baby experiencing a sense of pleasure with her new embodiment.

For the mother: What to Expect in a Session

If you have just had a baby, you will most likely need to bring your baby with you.  Please be sure that a family member or close friend will accompany you and be there to hold your baby as you receive your session and we can take short breastfeeding breaks, whenever needed.

Generally, as we start to heal and track your pain, it is a good idea to be prepared to come for your treatments weekly or bi-weekly as we begin to unfold the layers of your physical and emotional body. One Ortho-bionomy session is about an hour long but can go to an hour and twenty minutes because of settling in and settling after.

Please drink plenty of water the day of your session, to help fluids move in your tissues during and after your session.

You will be on a massage table fully dressed. Clean and warm socks are required. There are no two sessions alike. What you may experience in a session is your body settling into a deep state of relaxation and a quality of stillness. You may notice an internal experience of being fully present, calm and a sense of integration with parts of yourself. You will often be in a light dream state, sometimes you may notice an image, or emotion or specific time and place can come up and pass again. You may remain alert, smile, giggle, laugh or fall asleep, tremble, feel ticklish, a sad tender feeling, a tear, a light flash, a deep sigh, yawn, have funny little body jerks, have a noisy belly, and maybe snore.

Sometimes you may not feel anything at all, although I may feel your body releasing.

There will be a pause and rest and sometimes I may rock you gently in between each release position, for your body to respond, assimilate and settle throughout your session. I will often let you know what I am tracking, so that you can learn to sense the vocabulary of Ortho-Bionomy. I will be gentle with your body’s nervous system because sometimes the subtler the release the bigger the feel and response.

I will rely on your verbal feedback to find the techniques which best facilitate your body’s return to natural alignment and what is most comfortable for you. There should be no discomfort. You will let me know if there is.

Comfortable loose cotton clothing is suggested. Please no shorts, tight pants, or tight bras please. Long sleeves preferred, to allow for a full range of movement and exploration and a feeling of warmth. Socks are good. As the nervous system settles into a healing state your body may cool down. I will most likely cover you with a blanket and use different sizes pillows for your comfort. There is no oil involved.


Midwifery and Home-Birth with Leopi – Leopi is on a sabbatical from home birth midwifery and being an on Call Midwife

Midwifery care may be fully or partially covered with your  PPO insurance.

Get verified here for your insurance billing

Verification of Benefits-Billing for Midwife services!


Pre Birth time!

1.5 hours

Late Pregnancy –  pure ortho-bionomy.  Optimal positioning, pelvis opening and ripening, birth preparation and gentle labor stimulation only if you are overdue or due.

A somatic and structural body experience of balancing, softening, opening, to prepare for  labor and Birth (38-41 weeks) 

More often than not, when a mama is due or going post dates, this session will aid with baby dropping, pelvis making space, and possibly initiating the flow of labor. This simply happens mainly because we bring mother and baby into alignment in body, mind and spirit. We also release, soften and expand,  pelvic floor, inlet, ribs, sacrum, hips, back, spine, shoulders, neck and head.

Labor often begins within 12-48 hours of your due time if you are due or post due.

However, this treatment will also simply support and balance pelvis and body, calm tensions and fear away, and open the mother to the journey ahead!  We always trust that baby knows when it is best to come.

1.5 hours:


Only offered in Cerrillos

 Pre-birth structural and somatic alignment also includes-

 A 2.5 hour session which should be done close to your due date . This is a somatic body awareness and teaching intensive for natural birth preparation. Half of your session will be on my massage table and the other half will be guidance for you and your partner (or for mother only) for opening, balancing and ripening. Highly recommended for VBAC mothers.

this includes: 1.5 hours of a midwifery perspective for guidance and preparation of your birth, 1 plus hour on table. This session is very unique because I will be combining the practical wisdom of  midwifery with somatic and structural body therapy. This combination is a very potent perspective and will bring a simple and powerful approach to your birth journey. This is a session to experience your structure and your amazing body intelligence. Through your body, we will track together how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth. Tune in and tune up for labor preparation and ease your birth journey!

2.5-3  hours


Home Post Birth Visit for  Mama alignment!

Unwind, realign, reset for mama and baby

2.5-3  hours total

  •  Moxa treatment for calming, warming and nourishing your body and nervous system.

Moxa prevents mastitis, helps build milk supply, helps tighten uterus, and calms nervous system.

30 minutes

  • One hour Ortho-bionomy treatment- alignment and release of tension, pain and nervous system.

1 hour

Midwife time ~ to process your unique story, ask questions about post birth support,

  • cranial sacral treatment for new born baby

45-60 min.

total of about 3.5 hours

Ortho-Bionomy and Midwifery Post birth support-

For the Baby (see more below)

Ortho-bionomy based cranial-sacral therapy and body alignment and release for baby. It is highly recommended mamas get at least one session too, as you are both still intertwined as one body energetically, because the new baby body is feeling the nervous system of the mother and vice a versa.

HOME VISITS  ARE AVAILABLE dependant on your location –

for both new parents and baby

Leopi will do home visits if it is for more than one family member and the location is in Leopi’s range.

 Please call or text  to schedule for home visits  510-717-5060

2.5  hours (1 parent and baby)

3- hours     (1 parent,  consult, moxa and baby time)

3.5  hours  ( 2 parents and baby)

4.5  hours    (1 parent,  consult, ortho and or moxa and baby time)

please also see gift packages

Mother Roasting (moxa**) and Ortho-Bionomy treatment 

2 hours

3 hours

Ortho-Bionomy and Post Birth Support for mother- at my home studio in  Cerrillos; renewed energy, more clarity, more space and tone in body, quieting the nervous system and calming the emotion and spirit. Supportive to breastfeeding challenges.

1.5 hours

2 hours

3 hours

How can Ortho-bionomy help your Pregnancy?

Issues and concerns to come for treatment would be:

  • Headaches and high blood pressure related simply to tension
  • Carpal tunnel relief
  • Neck pain, back pain, rib pain, spine pain, sacrum pain, sciatica & pubic bone pain
  • coccyx pain, rotation of the sacrum
  • Sore, tense and tight shoulders and unable to relax them
  • Strains, sprains, all joint issues and especially knee issues
  • Sore feet or swollen ankles due to circulatory issues
  • Support co~existence of mother and baby alignment and spaciousness for both by
  • creating a new body awareness within. Resetting the whole structure with a fresh start.
  • Optimal position of baby in pelvis, or “misaligned” baby
  • Release of a tight pelvic floor and psoas muscle to ease labor and birth
  • Baby not “dropping” close to due time if this is first pregnancy or when baby feels too low
  • Baby feeling too “tight” in your womb and creating more spaciousness and comfort for both
  • Feelings of stress, fear, tension, grief, sadness and emotional imbalance of any kind
  • Postural issues and learning to find a deep breath

Most of all helping you to simply enjoy being in your growing pregnant body and feeling balanced and at ease!

 Post birth therapy for Mother can help:


  • Re-entering into your new post birth body
  • Calming and soothing the nervous system
  • Release of birth trauma for mother and baby: Trauma healing from cesarean for both tissues, muscle, bony structure and to your emotional body.  Grief and anxiety. Feelings of emptiness, fatigue and depression, disconnected from baby and family, disconnected from you and your body.
  • Breastfeeding challenges, emotional tenderness and anxiety
  • Learning to listen to your own body and needs again and fine tune posture and positioning as a mother.

Physical structure and fluid:

  • Sciatica
  • Prolapse of uterus
  • Prolapse of bladder
  • Incontinence
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Lumbar pain, sacrum and tail bone pain
  • Pelvis and hip re-alignment, groin pain, pubic bone release
  • Shoulder/neck pain and tension from breastfeeding
  • Abdominal muscle strain or separation, weakness, rib pain and groin pain
  • Surgical pain, scarring and painful scar tissue, neuralgia, radiating pain, difficulty recovering from, strengthening immune system and organizing nervous system
  • Postural issues and baby holding/baby wearing issues

Ortho-Bionomy based Cranio-Sacral for Babies

Why Ortho-Bionomy for babies?

DSCF3078Ortho-Bionomy is gentle and deeply healing for a newborn baby. The Craniosacral techniques of OB that I use with babies are mainly an integration of the same whole body Ortho-Bionomy techniques (rooted in Osteopathy) and osteopathic based Craniosacral techniques.

OB helps the newly born baby, sentient and open in body and emotions, to process at her own pace, center, align and integrate her birth experience and be more calmly embodied for her life ahead, and, to enjoy her new body! Ortho Bionomy for baby is extremely gentle and respectful. I often advise my new mothers that both mother and baby will need an Ortho-bionomy treatment because the synergetic relationship of mother and baby may need to be balanced and realigned after birth. Mother and Baby are actually like one being still which continues even beyond the fourth trimester. Even when the birth “seems” simple and un~traumatic one of the two passengers could have had a bumpier ride and this will effect the other. Calming one nervous system will calm the other. Ortho-bionomy can provide this for baby. Both Moxa and/or Ortho-Bionomy can be offered to the mother, both deeply soothing and nurturing. Both can come as often as weekly or just come for one session and still there will be great benefit.

Issues Ortho-Bionomy Can Address for Baby and Children

  • Trauma, Difficult/fast/ slow birth
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Entering and enjoying their body more
  • Breast-feeding, latching and thriving issues due to pain or trauma
  • Baby simply is not thriving and growing optimally
  • Post- birth trauma-cranial/body/emotional trauma
  • Cranial sacral alignment
  • Spine alignment
  • Hip alignment
  • Mobility concerns
  • Sleep and digestion and bowel issues, Infant colic, Reflux
  • Chronic middle ear infections
  • Headaches
  • Sensory integration problems, learning disabilities
  • Chronic pain
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological conditions
  • Post surgery or chemotherapy

Reasons for Ortho-Bionomy/Craniosacral Therapy

  • Fussy, hard to soothe babies
  • Babies who seem uncomfortable in their bodies
  • Babies who have digestive or elimination difficulties
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Spitting up
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Difficult latching
  • Latch problems that contribute to sore nipples for moms
  • Babies who favor turning their heads to one side
  • Babies who favor one breast or position for nursing
  • Babies who seem overly sensitive
  • Babies who hate tummy time
  • Teething babies
  • Non-sleeping babies


“Mother Roasting” Moxa Treatment for Mothers**

I also offer “Mother Roasting” treatments for post-birth. “Mother Roasting,” is a way to warm up the mother after she has given birth with a Chinese Moxa stick (motherwort) and usually takes up to an hour. The experience is a warming, nourishing, nurturing form of ritual, gratitude and closure and deeply nourishing and soothing to her nervous system and her immune system. It is the closing of the gates and a tender re-entrance to her new Self. Moxa treatment can begin around day 5 post vaginal birth and a little longer after a C-section. History Mother Roasting is the practice of warming the new mother to aid in recovery from childbirth and restore energy. This takes different forms in various cultures. In Malaysia, a massage with a special stone that is heated on the fire, wrapped in a cloth and placed on the abdomen. In Thailand, the fire was at the mother’s bedside, where she would lie day and night rotating her body every half an hour. In the Hopi Indian culture in Arizona, the mother was rested on top of a heated bed of sand and a sheepskin, and then covered well. Moxa is an herb called Chinese Mugwort and comes in the form of a rolled stick, which looks a bit like a cigar. The end of this “stick” will be lit and form a hot bright ember.

My office and studio space are not a scent free space.

I welcome all LGBTQ and transgender families or person to my practice.

There is a 48 hour cancellation fee. There is a charge for the full amount due if the appointment is missed or canceled within the 48 hours. Payment will be accepted before your session. Payments by cash, check, Venemo.

Insurance is generally, not accepted  for Ortho-bionomy, unless, your doctor writes a prescription for you. However, receipt for HSA or Flex Spending accounts can be provided. Tips are accepted but NOT expected.

Home birth

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