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I am your guide, counsellor and Spiritual midwife.  This is for parents who are looking for a deeper, more intimate connection with themselves and each other, guided by one very experienced person, a midwife.  Knowledge is power. Compassion, education sharing with deep listening  are the basics, creating a conscious and joyful prenatal connection to your body, baby and each other. I will also be by your side  through your first 6 weeks post birth time. It is a journey with lots of transitions. This relationship will be intimate, holistic supportive, compassionate and full of midwifery tips and knowledge sharing.

This amazing life transition can sometimes feel sterile, raw, and lonely?  and often a prenatal visit is 15 minute check list of all that can go wrong? Care can become fear based and over-medicalized. Often the other parent is feeling much too excluded and they may feel their presence as almost invisible.

Where is the celebration of life, Love, health and family? Do you feel you need to remember all that is right and healthy?  A Midwife reflects health even when you have been put on the radar as high risk or over 40. There is still so much to celebrate and enjoy.

You will feel more like you are having a human experience rather then just a medical experience as you transition into your new life. This care is not just for pregnancy and birth time, but also, for becoming new parents and partners.

This is for hospital birth plan based families in general, but also families who are wanting more guidance. All are welcome.

This would be Midwifery concurrent care. I am here for and about both parents. Again, this is for those who choose to be in a hospital setting for their birth and are under the care of a doctor/nurse-midwife, and who may also choose to have a birth Doula for their birth in the hospital. I am not on call for you nor do I join for your birth day but you will be well prepared!

So? What is the midwifery model of care? Why is it so special and different then the medical model of care?

The Midwifery Model of Care is a holistic perspective. We support the physical, emotional and Spiritual well being of a woman, her partner  and her family.

It is about supporting the mother and her partner. Preparing for a simple and natural birth as much as possible, but also preparing for when the birth journey needs to become more complex. We also want to prepare our parents for life after birth as individuals, parents, lovers and partners. Intimacy, affection and sexuality are important and can feel difficult to talk about for couples. We as midwives, are excellent taboo breakers and open conversation towards a deeper understanding of this amazing, tender and intimate time in your life.

Siblings are often included at some of our visits, so that we can also help them integrate with their new life and new family member and new feelings. We may also include your other family members, such as in laws anytime you need.

Holistic care is prevention; nourishing and medicinal foods, homeopathy! food based supplements, and optimal fetal positioning for the simplest and safest way to birth your baby. Exercise that is appropriate for pregnancy and core release. Emotional and spiritual support. Mindfulness and breath for every day and then of course, for your birth. Informed consent about what is ahead and, the many decisions that are in front of you.

Body therapy for both parents Ortho-Bionomy is about release, alignment within and structurally. We also optimise baby and mother alignment.


The power of knowledge, compassion, listening  helps a mother and her partner, stay in alignment towards a healthy pregnancy, birth and post birth time. Your health and state of mind for optimal health are important to me. Pregnancy, birth and the first year after birth, are one of the most transformational, yet vulnerable times for a woman and her partner.



What does your care look like?


  • 6 Midwifery based prenatals and birth prep education and guidance in your home or my home Sanctuary. Each visit is about 2.5 hours each. You may also include into your visit at the sanctuary a 50 minute Ortho session. I will also give you many other community resources to tap into for your health and wellbeing as a family.  Doula matches, Acupuncture, Other body therapists, lactation specialists, amazing yoga classes for pre and post, and so many other possibilities in our holistic community.
  • Ortho-bionomy: physical, structural, core awareness of you and your  baby together as a co-experience of birth. We will always work towards optimal baby positioning. This will be taylored to your unique needs.  Your last prenatal 2.5-3 hour intensive should be done close to your due date. The ortho-Bionomy session at this visit is particular and unique to the time before you go into labor.  I will be combine the practical wisdom of midwifery with somatic and structural body intelligence. This combination is a very potent perspective and can bring a simple and powerful approach to your birth journey for you and your partner.We begin with guidance for labor and birth through a midwife’s perspective, and continue the session with a full body Ortho-bionomy treatment. This will help you to  experience being in a state of softness and relaxation for your birth process and also to remind you that you are a perfect vessel for you and your baby’s journey. Through your body, we will track together how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth. Tune in and tune up and re-align for labor preparation and ease, for your birth journey!
  • 6 postpartum appointments within the first few weeks, after you return home, to help with postpartum adjustment and breastfeeding and ortho-Bionomy and or/moxa and cranial sacral for baby. We can also discuss extended post birth care individually as the need arises. (there is an extra fee for extended visits)


During our pre-birth visits, I get to know you, your body, your partner and family, and your desires and even your fears for this pregnancy and birth and after birth. Your partner also has their own fears and  and hopes and deep shifting! They are very important to me and I have much to share to you both.

You will both each receive at least 2 ortho-bionomy sessions at my Sanctuary. Each family that comes to me, can create and shape their concurrent care plan with me with the standard schedule above.

It is important to clarify, I am not on call, nor will I attend your birth. I am simply your guide and counselor during this incredible journey. I am kind of like your coach.






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Midwifery Concurrent Care 

What I do

 Your prenatal and postpartum visits are very important and can prevent complications but most of all, prepare you for a calmer, simpler and smoother birth and a good family transition. We also have very interesting conversations and a lot of fun.

Post-Birth Care

Postpartum would include one visit about 24-48 hours after your birth at home or hospital, another visit about day 3-4 (newborn screening if needed) 7-8 day visit and day, 2nd week at your home,  3rd week visit, 3 and 6 week visits at my home/studio or your home.

The basics

for baby

  • cord care
  •  latching issues and breastfeeding support
  • vital signs (temperature, heart and lungs)
  • weight checks
  • crania-sacral for baby
  • watching for jaundice

for mother

  • vitals
  • perineal care and lochia assessment
  • breast-care and milk supply and support
  • homeopathy
  •  nutrition
  •  emotional support and family support
  • mother roasting with Moxa if needed
  • and ortho-bionomy for mother/ father / partner
  • rest and birth processing

It would be an honor to give to you and your family, a midwifery holistic perspective through the amazing journey of your pregnancy, birth and post-birth time.





Midwifery and Home-Birth with Leopi – Leopi is on a sabbatical now from home birth midwifery and being an on Call Midwife




Midwifery care may be fully or partially covered with your  PPO insurance.

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What your care looks like:

Prenatal Care
All of your  prenatal care visits will most often be at your home with you and your family and sometimes at my office either in Berkeley or Vallejo home.
what else: involvement and integration of partner, relationship centered, family centered, supportive, educational, holistic, empowering, intimate and fun!

Nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, exercise, are very important to me. Also we work together through ortho-bionomy and structural awareness of you and baby together. (please read about ortho-bionomy under ortho-bionomy tab) We talk about breathe and core awareness for labor and birth.

Prenatal time: I will monitor Mother and baby’s vital signs, position and growth of baby. Nutritional and supplemental counseling and exercise, breast-feeding education, Childbirth preparation. Parenting, relationship and family support. One Ortho-Bionomy treatments included.

Labor and Birth time: You will have myself as your primary midwife, along with one more  licensed midwife. Calm, attentive labor, birth and post birth monitoring will be provided. Birthing tubs are welcomed for labor and  birth and available to rent from our community. I often integrate ortho-bionomy into labor to help ease tension and pain and aid alignment for mother and baby.

We support your first few hours after birth, towards having a quiet bonding time with your baby and your partner.  We believe in skin-to-skin, baby’s first breast crawl and when needed,  breastfeeding guidance to towards a good breastfeeding experience. We will stay for several hours after your birth. We do not leave until you are stable, breast-feeding, showered and have had a good, warm meal. We will do a complete baby exam a few hours after your birth.

Postpartum visits

Your post partum visits will be up to 2 hours each. We will visit you at your home within the first 24 hours after your birth, we will return on day 3 or 4 and 7 to 10 days. The next visit will be at my home studio on the 3rd week and the 6th. You will have a 1 hour and 20 minutes, Ortho-Bionomy treatment, some time between your 2nd and 4th week at my home studio, when you feel you are ready. Ortho-bionomy Cranio-sacral adjustments for baby will be included in any of these visits. One Moxa treatment will also be included if we feel it is beneficial. Additional postpartum services are offered on an individual basis. Please feel free to ask me more about additional postpartum services.



I Welcome all LGBTQ and Transgender family’s or person to my practice


Leopi was chosen for the 2018 Best of Berkeley Awards in the category of Midwives.

Leopi was also chosen for Best Midwife of the Year 2011 by Parents Press