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Hello and Welcome.

Body Therapy for everyone


I work with people of all ages, stages and phases of life.

Some examples are:

Repetitive stress injuries

chronic muscle tension

strains, aches, sprains, headaches

back, neck and knee issues

painful joints

post surgery

jaw tension

Falls, car accidents, trauma, high velocity injuries

Life changes such as:

grief and loss, intense emotional experiences over stressing the body, trauma, fright, constant stress, injury, nervous system tension , pre-marriage celebration, and post marriage celebration, pre-birth, post birth, surgery, pre-operation and post operations,  disconnection from your body from any of the above.

Ortho-Bionomy helps reset and clear the nervous system, and also realigns and clears patterns of unnecessary cycles of pain.

Many clients come monthly or bi monthly, or even weekly 

 for tuning in/tune up, for alignment, nervous system release, processing life as it is and

to stay healthy, flexible and at ease with their body. 

common benefits of ortho-biomomy are:

provides relief from chronic and acute pain

promotes restorative rest and a feeling of being more relaxed and centered

Increased flexibility, resiliency and youthfulness

greater ease of movement and balance

Interrruption of cycles of pain

supports healing and integration from post surgery

reduces muscle tension which then also may relieve tension in thoughts and feelings

soothes and lubricates joints

improves circulation

a natural alignment occurs and so, better posture

a sense of mental and physical safety and peace

senses of lightness and grounded-ness

I  love to work with – women and men  in all stages of life. 

I specialise with a midwifery perspective. Although I no longer catch babies I see and understand so much with my heart and hands.

Gift certifcates and package

Please find my list of services and rates on appointment scheduling

dependant on location

  •  Bay Area, California
  • Cerrillos, New Mexico

After your introductory session of about one hour and half, you may simply have one hour visits, or you can consider the one hour and half session for having a more  thorough body release for the whole body and spending more time for specific details. More then an hour is also good for  any somatic work, trauma, grief, life changes, or any deep resetting or for those who have difficulty scheduling as frequently as needed, due to busy lifestyles.

Note* Although there may be very good results with your first treatment, it is not unusual, if you have been in acute pain or chronic pain, you will need up to 3 sessions in a row, possibly 5-10 days apart. Please be prepared to plan your next appointment in this way, to optimize the benfits.

The shorter 1 hour session after the one and half hour introductory session is for maintenance, fluidity, release and tension related to work or repetition from intense activities or lack of activity or chronic illness, or simply more un-layering. Many simply come for the enjoyment and the anti aging benfits Ortho-Bionomy provides.  So that, is not uncommon for a client to choose to do maintenance sessions after healing their initial issues, often coming on a monthly or bi monthly basis simply for the pleasure and release of their body.


please see rates in appointments tab

Introductory Session 

( first session only)

1.5 hours

$220. CA

$165. NM

(1 hour and 20 on the table)

Ongoing ortho-bionomy sessions after intro.

1 hour

$165 CA

$125. NM


$ 220. CA

$165. NM

Gift Certificates are offered with a choice of a Leopi Nicola original painting on a printable gift certificate! click below.

Gift certifcates and packages

Pre Birth time!

Late Pregnancy –  pure ortho-bionomy.  Optimal positioning, pelvis opening and ripening, birth preparation and gentle labor stimulation only if you are overdue or due.

A somatic and structural body experience of balancing, softening, opening, to prepare for  labor and Birth (38-41 weeks) 

More often than not, when a mama is due or going post dates, this session will aid with baby dropping, pelvis making space, and possibly initiating the flow of labor. This simply happens mainly because we bring mother and baby into alignment in body, mind and spirit. We also release, soften and expand,  pelvic floor, inlet, ribs, sacrum, hips, back, spine, shoulders, neck and head.

Labor often begins within 12-48 hours of your due time if you are due or post due.

However, this treatment will also simply support and balance pelvis and body, calm tensions and fear away, and open the mother to the journey ahead!  We always trust that baby knows when it is best to come.

1.5 hours


 Pre-birth structural and somatic alignment also includes-

 A 2.5 hour session which should be done close to your due date . This is a somatic body awareness and teaching intensive for natural birth preparation. Half of your session will be on my massage table and the other half will be guidance for you and your partner (or for mother only) for opening, balancing and ripening. Highly recommended for VBAC mothers.

this includes: 1.5 hours of a midwifery perspective for guidance and preparation of your birth, 1 plus hour on table. This session is very unique because I will be combining the practical wisdom of  midwifery with somatic and structural body therapy. This combination is a very potent perspective and will bring a simple and powerful approach to your birth journey. This is a session to experience your structure and your amazing body intelligence. Through your body, we will track together how to resource your deepest state of relaxation for natural child birth. Tune in and tune up for labor preparation and ease your birth journey!

2.5-3  hours


Home Post Birth Visit for  Mama alignment!

Unwind, realign, reset for mama and baby

2.5-3  hours total

  •  Moxa treatment for calming, warming and nourishing your body and nervous system.

Moxa prevents mastitis, helps build milk supply, helps tighten uterus, and calms nervous system.

30 minutes

  • One hour Ortho-bionomy treatment- alignment and release of tension, pain and nervous system.

1 hour

Midwife time ~ to process your unique story, ask questions about post birth support,

  • cranial-sacral treatment for new born baby

45-60 min.

dependent upon your location. please text. 510-717-5060

Ortho-Bionomy and Midwifery Post birth support-

For the Baby (see more below)

Ortho-bionomy based cranial-sacral therapy and body alignment and release for baby. It is highly recommended mamas get at least one session too, as you are both still intertwined as one body energetically, because the new baby body is feeling the nervous system of the mother and vice a versa.

at my home office

see rates on appointment scheduling

in your home

-for newborn baby only

(our one hour doea go quickly and is first about being with baby and parents and working with baby on parents and off parents with many pauses, spaces and rests in between releases. (Please read description below)

I am offering pre-crawling age – to assist: postpartum adaptation to the world, release of birth trauma/patterning, relaxation of nervous system

I also love to see children 4 or older.

Please go to appointments to see rates.

HOME VISITS  ARE AVAILABLE dependant on your location – text me please

for both new parents and baby

Leopi will do home visits if it is for more than one family member and the location is in Leopi’s range.


note* all sessions for new mothers require other parent, or family or friend to come with you to hold baby while you have your treatment.


How can Ortho-bionomy help your Pregnancy?

Issues and concerns to come for treatment would be:

  • Headaches and high blood pressure related simply to tension
  • Carpal tunnel relief
  • Neck pain, back pain, rib pain, spine pain, sacrum pain, sciatica & pubic bone pain
  • coccyx pain, rotation of the sacrum
  • Sore, tense and tight shoulders and unable to relax them
  • Strains, sprains, all joint issues and especially knee issues
  • Sore feet or swollen ankles due to circulatory issues
  • Support co~existence of mother and baby alignment and spaciousness for both by
  • creating a new body awareness within. Resetting the whole structure with a fresh start.
  • Optimal position of baby in pelvis, or “misaligned” baby
  • Release of a tight pelvic floor and psoas muscle to ease labor and birth
  • Baby not “dropping” close to due time if this is first pregnancy or when baby feels too low
  • Baby feeling too “tight” in your womb and creating more spaciousness and comfort for both
  • Feelings of stress, fear, tension, grief, sadness and emotional imbalance of any kind
  • Postural issues and learning to find a deep breath

Most of all helping you to simply enjoy being in your growing pregnant body and feeling balanced and at ease!

 Post birth therapy for Mother can help:


  • Re-entering into your new post birth body
  • Calming and soothing the nervous system
  • Release of birth trauma for mother and baby: Trauma healing from cesarean for both tissues, muscle, bony structure and to your emotional body.  Grief and anxiety. Feelings of emptiness, fatigue and depression, disconnected from baby and family, disconnected from you and your body.
  • Breastfeeding challenges, emotional tenderness and anxiety
  • Learning to listen to your own body and needs again and fine tune posture and positioning as a mother.

Physical structure and fluid:

  • Sciatica
  • Prolapse of uterus
  • Prolapse of bladder
  • Incontinence
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Lumbar pain, sacrum and tail bone pain
  • Pelvis and hip re-alignment, groin pain, pubic bone release
  • Shoulder/neck pain and tension from breastfeeding
  • Abdominal muscle strain or separation, weakness, rib pain and groin pain
  • Surgical pain, scarring and painful scar tissue, neuralgia, radiating pain, difficulty recovering from, strengthening immune system and organizing nervous system
  • Postural issues and baby holding/baby wearing issues

What to Expect in a Session

Generally, as we start to heal and track your pain, it is a good idea to be prepared to come for your treatments weekly or bi-weekly as we begin to unfold the layers of your physical and emotional body. One Ortho-Bionomy session is about an hour long but can go to an hour and twenty minutes because of settling in and settling after.

Please drink plenty of water the day of your session, to help fluids move in your tissues during and after your session.

You will be on a massage table fully dressed. Clean and warm socks are required. There are no two sessions alike. What you may experience in a session is your body settling into a deep state of relaxation and a quality of stillness. You may notice an internal experience of being fully present, calm and a sense of integration with parts of yourself. You will often be in a light dream state, sometimes you may notice an image, or emotion or specific time and place can come up and pass again. You may remain alert, smile, giggle, laugh or fall asleep, tremble, feel ticklish, a sad tender feeling, a tear,  a light flash, a deep sigh, yawn, have funny little body jerks, have a noisy belly, and maybe snore.

Sometimes you may not feel anything at all, although I may feel your body releasing.

There will be a pause and rest and sometimes I may rock you gently in between each release position, for your body to respond, assimilate and settle throughout your session. I will often let you know what I am tracking, so that you can learn to sense the vocabulary of ortho-bionomy. I will be gentle with your body’s nervous system because sometimes the subtler the release the bigger the feel and response.

I will rely on your verbal feedback to find the techniques which best facilitate your body’s return to natural alignment and what is most comfortable for you. There should be no discomfort. You will let me know if there is.

Comfortable loose cotton clothing is suggested. Please no shorts, tight pants, or tight bras please. Long sleeves preferred, to allow for a full range of movement and exploration and a feeling of warmth. Socks are good. As the nervous system settles into a healing state your body may cool down. I will most likely cover you with a blanket and use different sizes pillows for your comfort. There is no oil involved.

I look forward to your visit!

Before coming to your first appointment, PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE INTAKE FORM HERE

To learn more about ortho-bionomy, please visit http://www.ortho-bionomy.org.



Ortho-Bionomy based Cranio-Sacral for Babies

Why Ortho-Bionomy for babies?

DSCF3078Ortho-Bionomy is gentle and deeply healing for a newborn baby. The Craniosacral techniques of OB that I use with babies are mainly an integration of the same whole body Ortho-Bionomy techniques (rooted in Osteopathy) and osteopathic based Craniosacral techniques.

OB helps the newly born baby, sentient and open in body and emotions, to process at her own pace, center, align and integrate her birth experience and be more calmly embodied for her life ahead, and, to enjoy her new body! Ortho Bionomy for baby is extremely gentle and respectful. I often advise my new mothers that both mother and baby will need an Ortho-bionomy treatment because the synergetic relationship of mother and baby may need to be balanced and realigned after birth. Mother and Baby are actually like one being still which continues even beyond the fourth trimester. Even when the birth “seems” simple and un~traumatic one of the two passengers could have had a bumpier ride and this will effect the other. Calming one nervous system will calm the other. Ortho-bionomy can provide this for baby. Both Moxa and/or Ortho-Bionomy can be offered to the mother, both deeply soothing and nurturing. Both can come as often as weekly or just come for one session and still there will be great benefit.

Issues Ortho-Bionomy Can Address for Baby and Children

  • Trauma, Difficult/fast/ slow birth
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Entering and enjoying their body more
  • Breast-feeding, latching and thriving issues due to pain or trauma
  • Baby simply is not thriving and growing optimally
  • Post- birth trauma-cranial/body/emotional trauma
  • Cranial sacral alignment
  • Spine alignment
  • Hip alignment
  • Mobility concerns
  • Sleep and digestion and bowel issues, Infant colic, Reflux
  • Chronic middle ear infections
  • Headaches
  • Sensory integration problems, learning disabilities
  • Chronic pain
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological conditions
  • Post surgery or chemotherapy

Reasons for Ortho-Bionomy/Craniosacral Therapy

  • Fussy, hard to soothe babies
  • Babies who seem uncomfortable in their bodies
  • Babies who have digestive or elimination difficulties
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Spitting up
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Difficult latching
  • Latch problems that contribute to sore nipples for moms
  • Babies who favor turning their heads to one side
  • Babies who favor one breast or position for nursing
  • Babies who seem overly sensitive
  • Babies who hate tummy time
  • Teething babies
  • Non-sleeping babies


“Mother Roasting” Moxa Treatment for Mothers**

I also offer “Mother Roasting” treatments for post-birth. “Mother Roasting,” is a way to warm up the mother after she has given birth with a Chinese Moxa stick (motherwort) and usually takes up to an hour. The experience is a warming, nourishing, nurturing form of ritual, gratitude and closure and deeply nourishing and soothing to her nervous system and her immune system. It is the closing of the gates and a tender re-entrance to her new Self. Moxa treatment can begin around day 5 post vaginal birth and a little longer after a C-section. History Mother Roasting is the practice of warming the new mother to aid in recovery from childbirth and restore energy. This takes different forms in various cultures. In Malaysia, a massage with a special stone that is heated on the fire, wrapped in a cloth and placed on the abdomen. In Thailand, the fire was at the mother’s bedside, where she would lie day and night rotating her body every half an hour. In the Hopi Indian culture in Arizona, the mother was rested on top of a heated bed of sand and a sheepskin, and then covered well. Moxa is an herb called Chinese Mugwort and comes in the form of a rolled stick, which looks a bit like a cigar. The end of this “stick” will be lit and form a hot bright ember.

Please reserve your space 1-2 weeks ahead.

My office and studio space are not a scent free space.

I welcome all LGBTQ and transgender families or person to my practice.

There is a charge for the full amount due if the appointment is missed or canceled within the 48 hours. Payment will be accepted before your session. Payments by cash, check,  Venemo are accepted and due at time of service.

Insurance is generally, not accepted  for Ortho-bionomy, unless, your doctor writes a prescription for you. However, receipt for HSA or Flex Spending accounts can be provided. Tips are accepted but NOT expected.

Cancellations:If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment, notification of schedule change must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Missed appointments or late cancelled appointments represent time that was scheduled for the client and may be charged the full fee.