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Hello my dear friends and families!

I hope you are safe and home mostly.

I am.  

I am beginning to see my clients more often now, slowly and will continue to build with precautions. At this time, I am seeing only 2-3 clients a day, spaced about 25 minutes between each session. Sessions are in Vallejo only.

If,  you and your family are symptoms free and have been well isolated, and have been wearing masks, like myself, it is possible to see you in my beautiful Vallejo home sanctuary for Ortho-bionomy

You may book on line for Vallejo only. New appointment days will be Wednesday through Sunday, for those of you that need more versatility for scheduling.   If the time that you need is not available, please text,  to see other possibilities.


I believe Ortho-bionomy is  essential for your well being, especially with all that is happening right now. 

I also am seeing all mothers to be for their pre-labor-pre-birth alignment and preparation session and also for post birth release and alignment.

These will be one and half hour sessions.

I am also providing pre-birth sessions for both parents, This is a somatic based approach. 

I am also seeing all other humans for all other ailments of stress, pain, alignment issues, tension and support.

How do we work with COVID?

We will be both be wearing masks through the whole session. I also ask that when you come for your session, you will shower and be in clean clothes, a light long sleeved shirt, loose pants, and clean socks please. The space will be well ventilated.

Thank you.




I am also available by phone, for Ortho-Bionomy consultation and midwifery consultations for prenatal advice and post birth advice and virtual check ups.

…or counselling, education,  homeopathy and also medicinal food and supplements. 


Your support during this time to me and all small business people is greatly appreciated!

If you do Yelp and like my work, please help my business to continue to thrive by writing about your experience! Thank you.



Let’s tune into things that make us calm and also happy. This is  such an opportunity to get to bed early and get plenty of sleep.  Wash hands often with simple soap and water and with extra time for thoroughness.  AND get a simple bidet! that you can easily hookup to your toilet/s. You will save so much time and money on looking for toilet paper!

Do not touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes, with your fingertips!  Clean your cell phone, outside of purse, things that linger around … eat your vegetables and good protein to support your immune system and get lots of good rest and sleep… most importantly watch where your mind goes and stay in gratitude. Stay focused with what is right, right now, and coming back into alignment within you … moment to moment.


When I see you physically for a session in Vallejo:

I will refresh the room between each client with clean sheets. All clients will be spaced about 25 minutes apart. Please arrive on time so that we can be sure there is plenty of space between clients.  I also wear a face mask as you will be too… of course, I also wipe down knobs and table tops, bathroom… etc.

I am taking care of my own immune system.  I listen to classical music…I do infra red sauna almost every day. I drink a lot fluids,  eat well and get lots of amazing rest. 

In Health and Gratitude!






Transformation: Gold into Blue by Leopi Nicola


I am an Ortho-Bionomy practitioner and a licensed home-birth midwife. I am counselor, consultant, wise woman and body tracker.


Who am I?

My name is Leopi Nicola Sanderson-Edmunds. I have been a licensed home-birth midwife since 1984 and an Ortho-Bionomy body therapist since 2009. I am also a large-scale figurative Painter.


Ortho-bionomy is a body therapy for everyone of all ages and life cycles. I work with new borns to people as young as 97!

I specialize working with  women – pre-pregnancy, pregnancy,  post birth and the member of the family, the new born, until about 16 weeks. I also love to initiate and gently invite labor by releasing the pregnant body for women due or overdue.

let the sacred work begin!

As a midwife, I am in awe of our wonderful pelvis. Ortho-bionomy can optimize baby positioning and spaciousness and alignment of mother and baby growing together. Also, for women who are due or over due, we can often gently invite and initiate labor to begin, by a deeper treatment with a midwife perspective. We together release deep pelvis muscles, bones, ligaments and rib tension, but also, and just as importantly, we  release from the inside out, emotions of stress, tension, apprehension, and fear of birth.

Ortho-bionomy is also wonderful for tired, worried parents, holding baby through the day and night, breastfeeding shoulders, tight neck and sore back and hips from sitting long periods of time.

 It is important to me, to always work with both parents, because both parents are somatically and structurally in a deep life transition and very connected.  I hope through ortho-Bionomy and, a holistic midwifery perspective, we can support the family, creating more resiliency and ease during this time. To acknowledge, that every baby brings a new beginning and it is a good time to re-align, re-set, and release the nervous system and release tension. Also, always to release any degree of trauma during the birth process or first weeks/months  of new baby’s life.


I also SO enjoy to work with athletes, dancers, yoginis, pilates instructors, and other lovers of movement. I truly believe that alignment and ease in our structure and form comes before the development of muscle, through all kinds disciplines that we ask our body to do.

My beautiful and serene home office  “sanctuary” in Vallejo supports both parents and baby nicely.  A comfortable living room area, with couch, rocking chair, fireplace, porch and gardens, you may hang out and have a spa day together as a family. While one rests or walks baby, your partner deeply resets in a quiet room on a warmed table. (Fire-place in winter.)


How do we “do” Ortho-Bionomy?

Although the name may seem long and difficult to remember at times…

I am sort of like a tracker with your inner body self. I see a landscape of your inner body intelligence and life force. I am a guide helping you to reconnect and to return to your original home. We together, are invited by your intelligent and sentient being to heal and align without force or resistance. We are always patient and non judgmental. You will rediscover what you feel like at peace and at ease.

We ask  through Ortho-bionomy, what your body may be waiting to tell you. We release tension, pain and perhaps emotions, like fear, so we can free up more space for the experience of peace, joy and stillness.

Many of those who receive Ortho-Bionomy experience moments of deep calm, relaxation, a feeling of expansion, warmth, and new internal sensations of spaciousness, that settle into a tranquil and more fuller presence.

Ortho-Bionomy is truly a conversation with yourself. For some of you, this can be quite surprising, as you first observe your body releasing, and this may feel very new and intimate. You may feel as if you are awakening.

You may also experience:

Feeling and looking more youthful, more flexibility, in body and mind. Able to handle life a little easier.


Bounce, Lightness, Suppleness, fluidity, resiliency, flexibility, balance, sometimes there is soreness, activation of something, that might come to the surface as release resolves.

Often there is internal lengthening and even feeling physically taller and longer. Feet and stride may feel different and more balanced and supple. Shoes may fit differently, so please don’t be too attached to them.

Sleep may be unusually deep and you may awaken more refreshed or, awaken very sore.

You may also notice;

a heightened body-mind awareness and feelings of presence, softness, stillness, calmness, alertness.

Healing begins from inside to out: stirred up old thoughts, processes and patterns, experiencing tender feelings towards yourself and realigning in your relationship to your self and others with more compassion and understanding and  finding safety within that.


There is even, humor and playfulness in healing even with trauma

you may experience Self as pure nature

And being at ease with who you are and where you are at right now


What I have observed and what my clients have observed while on my table:

You may experience re-connection with your Body Self within 10 minutes on the massage table as an inner quiet listening and dreamy restful state, yet alert.

internal sensations of warmth, fluid moving, ripples, bubbles, bumps, fullness, “inner trails of liquid-light”   colors, or coolness vs warmth, snoring, belly gurgling, rumbling, gas, smiles, sighs, gas releasing,  giggling, buzzing, electric impulses releasing, twitches, tears, tingling, trembling, memories, guttural sighs and sometimes nothing at all but a warm feeling or a very deep sleep.

If you are pregnant, you may feel your baby move when ever a release passes through your body. Your baby may very well turn into her optimal position, with next 48 hours.

Remembering that your body is your sanctuary and most intimate friend.

You perhaps will notice that you are naturally beginning to slow down, even in our fast world and find more presence and ease with it.

I hope to see you soon at the Sanctuary


My dearest ones,

Here is a powerful poem I want you to take notice to and to feel in your bodies.

It is about the healing power of rest which many of us have so forgotten.


This is a poem written by Z. 

A healer, fluid dancer, artist, and therapist.


Dear Rest,

I invite you into my body each day and night.

You soften me.

You cleanse me.

You sift through the noise and

choose a few simple notes to hum when I wake up.

You clear my toxins and organize my cells like gems on an altar.

You hold a silent council with all my organs in the dark all night.

You gather the love and healing that is infinite

and tuck it into the folds of my relaxed body.

You hold all of me…


You remind me peace is my true nature.

Your stillness is an open lap.

I offer my body to your lap.

Your wisdom cradles, cocoons me

And melts the effort of my waking life.

My bare skin warms under the weighted blanket.

My right palm rests over my womb.

A warmth pools here.

The most gentle breath rises and falls,

Purring silently under my hand.

Dear rest,

Thank you for each moment you are with me,

Inside me, and

I am inside you.





Don’t go outside your house to see the flowers. My friend, don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your body there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals. That will do for a place to sit. Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty inside the body and out of it, before gardens and after gardens.” ― Kabir.