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Dear home-birth Midwifery clients. I am taking a sabbatical from home-birth but all other midwifery services and consulting are still available.  Please call or write for references for local home-birth midwives.

Midwifery clients, please fill out form and mail your queries and I will get back to you with 3-4 days.


For ortho-bionomy clients, if you are having trouble scheduling on line, or finding the times that you need, please text me and I will see what we can do!

Leopi will be away for christmas holidays. December 17-29, 2018

BERKELEY LOCATION: Book an Appointment



Leopi will be leaving Addison space in December and will be in east bay area Mondays only.

There may be some other evening times in Berkely available soon 

New location December 2018


Located on Adeline Street across the street from the Berkeley Bowl, Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga is in the heart of the burgeoning South Berkeley Commercial district, four blocks away from the Ashby BART station.
Come on in and wait for me in the waiting room. You may also text me when you arrive.
There is water and hot tea for you to enjoy.
2800 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA 94703



VALLEJO LOCATION: Book an Appointment

Tuesdays,  Wednesdays,  Thursdays, Friday and some Saturdays


Come to the Sanctuary!!


a warmed table, a beautiful comfortable sitting room for partner to hang out in, a fire, quartz crystal singing bowls and a front porch and garden to hangout in…

only 25 minutes from Berkeley.  (without traffic or before 2:30)



If you would like to see gift certificates and family packages, please go to appointments and tap

Gift Certificates & Packages




There will be up to a 5.00 extra charge Pay Pal transactions. This will be included when you are booking on line. If you pay by check, Venemo or cash there will be no extra charge.


The Sanctuary is waiting for you



Don’t go outside to see the flowers.

My friend, don’t bother with that excursion.

Inside your body there are flowers.

One flower has a thousand petals.

That will do for a place to sit.

Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty

inside the body and out of it, before gardens and after gardens.