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Hello my dear friends and families!

I hope you are safe and home mostly.

I am.  

I am beginning to see my clients more often now, slowly and will continue to build with precautions. At this time, I am seeing only 2-3 clients a day, spaced about 25 minutes each session. Vallejo only.

My new COVID work days will now be Wednesday through Sunday.

If you and your family are symptoms free and have been well isolated, like myself, it is possible to see you in my beautiful Vallejo home sanctuary for Ortho-bionomy

You may book on line for Vallejo only anytime.


I believe Ortho-bionomy is  essential for your well being, especially with all that is happening right now. 

I also am seeing all mothers to be for their pre-labor-pre-birth alignment and preparation session and also for post birth release and alignment. These will be one and half sessions. I am also providing pre-birth sessions for both parents, This is a somatic based approach.

I am also seeing all other humans for all other ailments of stress, pain, alignment issues, tension and support.

How do we work with COVID?

We will be both be  wearing masks. I also ask that when you come for your session, you will shower and be in clean clothes and clean socks. Thank you.




I am also available by phone or  zoom…for Ortho-Bionomy consultation and midwifery consultations for prenatal advice and post birth advice and virtual check ups.

…or counselling, education,  homeopathy and also medicinal food and supplements. 


Your support during this time to me and all small business people is greatly appreciated!

If you Yelp and like my work, please help my business to continue to thrive by writing about your experience! Thank you.



Let’s tune into things that make us calm and also happy. This is  such an opportunity to get to bed early and get plenty of sleep.  Wash hands often with simple soap and water and with extra time for thoroughness.  AND get a simple bidet! that you van easily hookup to your toilet/s. You will save so much time and money on looking for toilet paper!

Do not touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes, with your fingertips!  Clean your cell phone, outside of purse, things that linger around … eat your vegetables and good protein to support your immune system and get lots of good rest and sleep… most importantly watch where your mind goes and stay in gratitude. Stay focused with what is right, right now, and coming back into alignment within you … moment to moment.


If I see you physically for a session in Vallejo:

Please wear fresh clean clothes, and fresh clean socks. Light long sleeve shirt  and loose pants. No belts, watches etc .. shoes off by the door please and bring your own water bottle.

I will refresh the room, between each client with clean sheets. change my own top shirt, and I am also wearing a face mask as you will be too. Also, I am wiping down knobs and table tops, bathroom etc.

I too am taking care of my own immune system. I listen to classical music…I sauna almost every day. I drink a lot fluids,  eat well and get lots of amazing rest! 

In Health and Gratitude!








“Resilience: the way the water knows just how to flow, not force itself around a river rock; then surely I can stretch myself in the shape of my own path is asking of me”  Corrine Fadel


If this is your first visit, please schedule your first session under the Introduction to Ortho-bionomy …

Please note! Price for ortho-bionomy session will be different dependant on location!


Please be sure to schedule enough time for yourself on the table food Ortho-Bionomy and extra time if you have questions related to your pre or pregnancy or post birth.

If you are pregnant and over 32 weeks and baby is not in optimal position, please come at least three one hour visits, one week apart, to align and release your body so baby can optimise space. Please reserve your time soon.

I look forward to our time together!




VALLEJO LOCATION: Book an Appointment

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturday afternoons

Virginia Street, Vallejo, 94590

(only 25 minutes from Berkeley, without traffic or before 2:30)



SAN FRANCISCO LOCATION at the ROOT  Book an appointment

 San Francisco- 1300 Sanchez St, San Francisco, CA 94131

Tuesday – 1 day a month

You may also text me for an appointment! Specify 1 hour or 1 and half hour appointment.

For San Francisco, I am only there one day a month so please book now!

I may need to move your appointment sightly down or up, just in case I need to fit others in. Let me know if this will be ok for you on intake.



BERKELEY LOCATION: Book an Appointment 

Leopi is no longer in this location.

2315 Prince Street, Berkeley, 94705


Home visits, with an extra travel cost, may be available to you. This service depends on  your location.  Please call or text to enquire and also include location.


I look forward to being with you.


Gift Certificates & Packages 

For a much better deal for more frequent visits:

Please check out my family and individual gift packages above.

Gift packages are only for Berkeley or Vallejo





Come to the Sanctuary!


A very comfortable living space, big couch, a rocking chair, fireplace, or  a front porch and garden for your partner to hang out in while you have a session.  For the session, a warmed Ortho-Bionomy table, lots of pillows and quartz crystal singing bowls


I Welcome all LGBTQ and Transgender family’s or person to my practice




If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment, notification of schedule change must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Missed appointments or late cancelled appointments represent time that was scheduled for the client and may be charged the full fee.


The Sanctuary is waiting for you