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Serving East Bay and Solano and Walnut Creek

My Credentials

I am a California licensed Midwife

I am a registered Ortho-Bionomy practitioner

Bachelor of Arts in studio arts with a concentration in Art Therapy

500 hours of training in Homeopathy

I have been a licensed midwife in the states of New Mexico and Louisiana, New Orleans and Texas. I have been licensed as a homebirth Midwife since 1984 and supervised well over 1500 births.

I am a painter (large scale, figurative, archetypal, symbolism and surrealism)


I have been a practicing Midwife since 1984. I have attended and supervised well over 1500 plus births as primary midwife. I am a mother of two sons who were also born at home. My first born son, Gabriel was born at home in Pecos, New Mexico and my youngest son, Blas, was born at home in Amsterdam, Holland. Both of their births were attended by traditional Midwives.


1984  Received training in 1-year intensive program at the Maternity Center, a midwifery-based Birth Center in El Paso, Texas, which consisted of 3 Midwifery birth centers along the border of El Paso and Juarez. Licensed in Texas as Midwife.

1985 become licensed in the state of New Mexico as a midwife

1991 – 1993  Received 500 hours of Homeopathy training with Robin Murphy.
I specialize in homeopathy and acute remedies for pregnancy and children.

1992 – 1997  BA in Art Therapy at the College of Santa Fe, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

2004 Licensed in Louisiana

2007 – 2010  New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, I completed an 18 month program (500 hours) in Ortho-Bionomy, the Homeopathy of Body work and form of body-work rooted from Osteopathy. This work includes Cranial sacral and Somatic body healing. 80 hours of beginning modules in Somatic Trauma Healing with Peter Levine and the Foundation for Human Enrichment and Basic Somatic Trauma First Aid.

2009   became a Lactation educator and was certified as a international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). I released the certification and title.

2012  Completed 130+ hours of advanced Ortho-Bionomy practioner training and moving towards my advanced certification.

2013  I continue in advanced self study and research of the unique and powerful integration of Ortho-bionomy and midwifery.


Working with women and men in all stages of life in my beautiful private home office and sanctuary in Vallejo and Berkeley office.


Meet my Doulas!

Ilka Fanni

I am an experienced doula and mother of two boys, ages 8 and 2 years.
I have ​been ​support​ing​ women birthing in hospitals, birth centers and​ at​ home ​for the past 6 years.​ ​I believe in the power and wisdom of nature, mothers and babies. I trust the birth process to unfold naturally and with no or little intervention most of the time, and I support the compassionate and discerning use of medical interventions when necessary. I am passionate about supporting women and families in their natural birth journey.

I offer Birth Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation and other Placenta remedies, private Childbirth Education, Postpartum Doula Services, Rebozo education and labor preparation, and birth tub rentals. My clients can combine any of these services to create a unique package that thoroughly nourishes them.​
I specialize in Optimal Fetal Positioning – Helping the mother create space in her body so her baby will be able to turn into the best position for and easier birth, and VBAC- Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

I am honored to offer my services for clients of Leopi and working together with Juliana.​

Doula Fee for home births: $1500
– includes 2 prenatal meetings, labor and birth support, 1 postpartum meeting and a back up or partner doula

​contact info: ​

Ilka Fanni – Spirals of Life​ Doula Services​
Doula Services, Childbirth Education,
Placenta Encapsulation, Rebozo Instruction
415 948 8056
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Juliana Birnbaum

Juliana is an experienced, certified Midwife Assistant, Birth and Postpartum Doula with a background in Prenatal Yoga. In 2017 she celebrated having attended her 100th delivery. Families she has supported have had an intervention and Cesarean rate far lower than national averages. She has taught in pre and postnatal yoga programs at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, and at numerous studios in San Francisco, the East Bay, and Marin. Mother of two homebirthed daughters, she began her work as a birth-keeper in 2006. She was the first graduate of Oakland’s Cornerstone Doula School, one of the most rigorous programs in the country, focusing on natural birth and a holistic model of care.

In 2011, she apprenticed with Leopi Sanderson-Edmunds, a highly-respected, licensed midwife who has attended over 1000 births (including joyfully welcoming both of Juliana’s daughters). Certified in 2012 as a Midwife Assistant through the Midwives College of Utah, Juliana is licensed in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. She believes birthing has the potential to be a magical and empowering rite of passage, and works to support optimal experiences for women and their families both at home and in the hospital. She is also the author of a book on ecovillages (including The Farm in Tennessee, famous for pioneering the natural birth movement in the U.S.) entitled Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities Worldwide.

Doula Fee for home birth $ 1500.